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Best Nod 32 Anti Virus Life Time Registered

I M Thinking That EveryOne Need Register Or Cracked Softwares Today I m Going To Share My Personal Using Experience Of Anti virus I M Using This Since Last 3 Year


Free Facebook Fbml Fan Page Template Gift For My Friends

Today I'm Going To Share My Personal Fan Page Template With My Fans And Friends Creating a Facebook Fan page, and designing it to take advantage of the viral Facebook provide Application box, with a little creativity can really boost your social media marketing efforts without the need any programmer. Hope fully my Template help You To Get More Fans, More Likes

Free Facebook Fbml Fan Page Template Gift For My Friends

8+ Most Highly Useful Firefox Extensions For Facebook

Today I m going to Show you Some Useful firefox Extensions For Facebook 8+ Most Highly Useful Firefox Extensions For Facebook Enhancing Your Experience

image name

25 + List Of Free File Hosting And Some Earning Websites

25 + List Of Free File Hosting And Some Earning Websites For You To Upload Files Share With Friends And Earn Money

image name

Image_Re_sizer_Powertoy_for__All Windows_By_Friendsfun


Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP provides resized images with a few simple button clicks.
The program's interface is very easy. All commands are performed via clicking a Mouse button to choose the size. There are a few other options, but all are presented the same way. The program provides no Help file, but is so easy to operate we are confident people will not need it. Users simply find a photo that they want to resize and right-click it. In the menu of options is one for resizing. Here a new menu appears with options to create a new size ranging from small, middle, large, or handheld PC. There is also a customized option where the user inputs the dimensions. Once this is selected, a resized copy of the photo is created instantly in the same folder as the original. We were pleased with how quickly and effectively this process happened. In addition to resizing, the program offers a feature that allows users to resize the original picture and not create a copy. We felt this was a considerate option for users without a lot of spare room on their hard drives.
With an incredibly simple interface and excellent results, this freeware program is a dream come true for users who have to resize on the fly.

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Amazing _Art _Vector_By Friendsfun

                                                                   Download Links
                                                                         Download Here
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Beautifully Colorfully Stars Vector_By Friendsfun


                                                                     Download Links 
                                                                      Download Here
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National Geographic Countdown Mega Earthquake in_japan_byFriensdfun

                                                                       Download Link

                                                                        Download Part 1
                                                                        Download Part 2
                                                                        Download Part 3
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25+_XP-login Screen_By Friendsfun

How To Change Windows Login Screeen 

Go To Run Type C:\windows\system32 and find the file named ''logonui.exe''

Remane ''Logonui.exe'' to '' logonui.exe.bak''  now u have backup

C:\windows\system32 Paste in your new login file 

Now Log off your pc and new login screen will be change





Thanks To Keep This post Alive

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High Dettail Icon Pack.1 By Friendsfun

High Dettail Icon Pack ForYour Website Or Blog

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Make money with Most easiest methods While you offline!!

Making money is dream of every person being on internet the are many  ways to earn online 

Here i m sharing the easiest ways to online earn which ask for little effort from your side.

1.Link bucks.get paid for link people to others websites

linkbuck allows you to make money from the links ur users post from the link u placeed on your website,
every funny videos ,file and web page that you've linked to is making money for someone linkbuks rewards people that make the web possible by giving them a share of the ads dollars that their link generate 
your payment get paid every 30 days.

2.Shareapic Upload Photos,send invitetaion people to view & earn
shareapic that allow to upload and host images.
Main Features:!!
 Free service upload unlimited photos
no file size create unlimited galleries
$0.22 per 1000 pictures views
allow to add your Bidvertiser code to your images and gallery pages
on click and posting to facebook. mayspace. blogger. orkut. and more!!
pay out (via paypal) in 30 days when account reaches $20.00

3. Ziddu upload file share links and Earn
ziddu is a most popular media sharing webiste fast and easy
image,vidoes,and document sharing website without premium account
All free acount no premium account
no waiting for downloads
invite people and share the files with your friends
esay file management multiple folders
create audio,vidoe libraries to share
Earn money wiht ziddu
10000 Unique Downloads: $10

50000 Unique Downloads: $50

100000 Unique Downloads: $100 USD

500000 Unique Downloads: $500 USD

1000000 Unique Downloads: $1000 USD

Bonus referral $0.05 
get money when some one downloads your file. For each unique download, you will get $0.001. cash will be paid via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

 to be continued

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